User Roles

There are three different user roles:

  • Admin (for user and file management),

  • User (regular, logged in user),

  • Guest (anonymous, not logged in).

User Permissions

There are 6 different user permissions that the administrator can assign to each user:

  • Read (user can browse and list files and folders),

  • Write (user can copy, move, rename, and delete files),

  • Upload (user can upload files to the repository),

  • Download (user can download files from the repository),

  • Batch Download (user can download multiple files and folders at once),

  • Zip (user can zip and unzip files).

Some permissions require others. For example, Batch Download requires Read permissions (so that the user can list files and select them), as well as basic Download permissions.

Guest Account

The Guest account is a predefined account, and it is disabled by default since no permissions are assigned to it.

The Admin can enable the Guest account, which will allow anyone to interact with the repository based on the Guest account permissions.

Resetting Admin’s Password

If you forgot your admin password you can follow these steps to reset it:

  • Backup your current users file private/users.json to a safe place,

  • Copy blank template private/users.json.blank over private/users.json or simply refresh your browser,

  • Login as admin with default credentials admin/admin123,

  • Put your original users file back to private/users.json replacing the template,

  • Since you are now logged in as admin, simply go to users page and change your password,

  • Log out and try to login with the new password.

Note: If you’re using database Auth adapter then simply run this query to set default password back to admin123

UPDATE `users`
SET `password` = '$2y$10$Nu35w4pteLfc7BDCIkDPkecjw8wsH8Y2GMfIewUbXLT7zzW6WOxwq'
WHERE `username` = 'admin';